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Our Roots

Founded by British-born hotelier and food innovator, Daniella Hunter - The Real Coconut was born on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico, following Daniella's quest to create recipes for her family that were healthy, natural and satisfying! Daniella is passionate about creating products and sharing recipes to promote digestive health and a healthier lifestyle. Having launched in the USA in 2017, the TRC Team are proud to be bringing Daniella's recipes back to the UK and across Europe.



We love coconuts!... but we also love other responsibly-sourced and sustainable plant-based ingredients like plantain, hemp and yucca (cassava). Our range of products can now be found in stores across the UK, If you can’t find them yet please order online here in our shop. If you work in the food industry and would like to stock our products, try a sample or invite us in for a chat - please read on and contact us via the product page.


our mission

All of daniella's recipes, products and restaurant menus have been designed with digestive health in mind. our products are gluten, grain and dairy free (& organic wherever possible).