our roots

After a lifelong struggle with severe asthma and poor health, Daniella was inspired to examine her day-to-day diet as part of her journey to wellness. Her perseverance to live a full life without restriction led to experimenting with a variety of diets and nutrition programmes that would support digestive health, eventually casting her on a path leading to the shores of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico with the opening of her Sanarà Tulum resort and the original restaurant 'The Real Coconut'.

Daniella’s inspiration for creating the debut line of tortillas and chips was rooted in her nourishing, plant-based dishes at the original The Real Coconut restaurant in Tulum, Mexico. Long after guests left Sanará and The Real Coconut, they were requesting Daniella’s coconut-based snacks as an alternative at home.

"As my journey in the healing food space has evolved, I became increasingly motivated to find a way to take my coconut-based products beyond the walls of my restaurant in Tulum".

Interview: Founder and creator of The Real Coconut, Daniella Hunter, shares with us the story of how it all began.

From sourcing the most responsible ingredients and relentless recipe testing, Daniella created wholesome plant-based snacks and products without compromising taste, nutrition or sustainability. Daniella's products, recipes and menus are all gluten, grain and dairy free, making them a welcome snack to paleo dieters, gluten-free eaters and vegans alike.

Launched in 2017 The Real Coconut tortilla wraps and tortilla chips are now available in nearly 2000 stores across the USA, sold by a variety of TRC fans, from independent retailers to large corporate retailers like Whole Foods Markets and also online via Amazon and Thrive Market.

Food Innovator, Daniella, has now ventured in to a new and unique range of baked goods using plantain flour as the base, previously unseen in retailers and health stores across the United States. This exciting innovation will offer 3 flavours of cookies (chocolate chip, hemp raisin and ginger molasses), that will be suitable for vegans and offer a sweet treat that is high in resistant starch making them great for digestive health.

Daniella continues to innovate and grow her range of products and fill her menus with delicious goodness coast-to-coast; from her kitchen at home in LA and alongside her chefs in Tulum, Mexico. Daniella is keeping it in the family and is launching her UK business with brother, Mark Hunter, at the Euro helm.

Our coconut flour tortilla chips are now available across london in planet organic, Whole foods along with many more independent stores across the uk.